MASF (Movement Affiliates and Sci-Fly Production and Management) was formed in June of 2009, by CEO/President G.F. Bullock; A Brooklyn native. MASF, a New York City based entertainment company, attributes it's foundation to being built on a variety of soul music; from Hip Hop to R&B to Reggae and more.

The company's goal is to keep the spirit of soul music alive, therefore, MASF only seeks out artists with a natural blessed talent, open-minded and a hunger for creativity, in order to get their voices out to the masses of music listeners worldwide.

The MASF Sound

The MASF sound is all about the drums telling the story, and has a philosophy that sees soul music as the drum being the father (the teacher), the chorus being the mother (the nurturer) and the verse being the child (the reflection of the Drum and Chorus), painting pictures so vivid that the listener can relate as if they were having a conversation with the artist; experiencing the passion, the trials and tribulations and the growth to the point where the listeners feel that they know the artist personally.

Artist Development

Artist development is the main objective of MASF, which includes choosing a good lawyer, how to perform or connect with your audience, as well as, how to approach interviews, etc.  At MASF, the artist comes first, the company works for the artist. So before promoting and marketing the artists, the company gets to know the artist by developing a more family oriented bond, instead of just an artist-label relationship, so that at the end of the day, the artist knows that they're protected and that their label-management has their back and their best interest at hand. MASF doesn't just offer artist development, we offer family and security to give the artist peace of mind and the feeling of home. MASF is not just a company that just helps to develop stars, it's a company where stars are born.

The Vision

The vision of MASF is to be a stepping stone for up and coming artists, and to give them a platform for their voice to be heard and take them all the way to the top; working with artists of all nationalities and genres of music. The future of MASF is to grow from an independent to a major label; having our label represented in the South as well as the West Coast and overseas. 

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